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Inspection and acceptance rules and provisions on packaging, marking, transportation and storage

Apr.2022 | Company News
1. Inspection rules
1.1 inspection items
The square meter quality, strength, elongation, hydrostatic pressure, air permeability and width in the technical requirements are factory inspection items The products shall be inspected by the inspection department of the manufacturer and attached with the product certificate before leaving the factory.
1.2 batch regulation
Each batch of products must be composed of products with the same raw material ratio, process conditions and specifications.
1.3 sampling regulations
According to 7.3 of FZ / t64004-93, samples for physical properties shall be taken for each batch of products, with a length of 3M, cut 1m above the coil head, and the direction shall be calibrated. The sampling date, production team and product specification shall be recorded.
1.4 evaluation of inspection results
The lowest grade of the assessment items in the technical requirements shall be determined as the grade of the batch of products. The physical and mechanical properties shall be determined according to the batch, and the appearance shall be determined according to the batch.
If the quality is rated according to the volume and the physical and mechanical performance test results do not meet the requirements, double the sampling samples and retest the project to ensure the quality.
The final result of the retest is the basis for judgment.
1.5 acceptance rules
1.5.1 according to the quality inspection, the manufacturer shall accept the goods within one month after delivery. If not, the goods shall be received according to the inspection results of the consignor.
1.5.2 at the time of acceptance, the physical and mechanical performance test shall randomly select samples from the batch of products according to 10% of the delivery volume, and the samples shall not be less than 2 volumes Each volume shall be tested according to the provisions of Chapter 6, and the average value of each volume shall be the final result The appearance inspection shall be re inspected according to 20% of the delivery quantity from this batch of products, which shall not be less than 5 rolls. Under the illumination of 400-600lx, roll back inspection shall be carried out one by one. If the nonconforming product rate exceeds 8%, this batch of products shall be reduced by one grade accordingly.
1.5.3 in case of any objection to the product quality, it can be submitted to the arbitration inspection organization for re inspection. The re inspection result shall be the final result, and the re inspection cost shall be borne by the responsible party.
2 packaging, marking, transportation and storage.
2.1 packaging
The packaging material is plastic film or shrink film.
2.2 labels
The label shall be filled in clearly and neatly, and the contents shall include: Manufacturer's name, product name, executive standard number, standard filing number, production batch number, product specification (gram weight per square meter, width, roll length and color, etc.), theoretical roll weight, roll number and quality grade mark; The color of the label can be determined according to the needs.
2.3 transportation
It shall be protected from light, water, moisture, pollution, damage and extrusion. It is strictly prohibited to drop the cloth roll from height.
2.4 storage
Store in a ventilated, dry, dark and clean warehouse.

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