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The growing adult incontinence Market

Oct.2021 | Company News
Svetlana uduslivaia, regional director of American Studies at Euromonitor International, said that the growth trend of the adult incontinence market remained positive, and all regions of the world saw significant opportunities in this field. "The trend of aging clearly drives demand further, but it also drives innovation: Innovation in the form of products for women and men," she said.

She added that, especially in developing regions, the increase of product categories, including affordable solutions, the increase of retail channels and the deepening of awareness and understanding of incontinence, continue to support the growth of adult incontinence market in these regions.

Euromonitor expects this positive growth to continue over the next five years, with retail sales in the adult incontinence market expected to reach $14 billion by 2025.

Jamie Rosenberg, senior global analyst at Mintel, said that another important growth driver of the adult incontinence market is that the proportion of women using menstrual products to deal with incontinence is decreasing year by year.

"We found that 38% of people used female care products to deal with incontinence in 2018, 35% in 2019 and 33% by November 2020," he explained. "This proportion is still high, but it proves the efforts of this category to reduce stigma."

Over the years, brands and manufacturers of adult incontinence products have not only actively communicated with consumers and taught them to use the right products to deal with incontinence, but also committed to reducing the stigmatization of incontinence.
We also see the growth potential of sustainable incontinence products in the future. The whole world is or will soon develop in this direction. The biggest driving force is the real innovation in products and materials. Fortunately, people are increasingly aware that everyone needs to minimize our environmental footprint. Women are also more aware than ever of the importance of what they wear. Over the years, people have seen this - non-toxic, body and earth friendly products have become needed in the future. Over time, the same thing will happen in the field of adult incontinence.

Rosenberg of Mintel said that the basis of natural adult incontinence products is very small. Today, only a few brands of natural feminine hygiene products have been extended to pads for mild bladder leakage. "However, we believe that this trend will start to accelerate," he continued. "The population bubble of middle-aged women is increasing the demand for products to cope with bladder leakage problems, and more and more consumers can buy natural menstrual products, but find that the demand for natural incontinence products is not met."

Zhejiang Yanpeng nonwoven machinery Co ltd provides high performance SSS,SMS,SSMS nonwoven fabric machine,is able to make nonwoven fabric for adult incontinence and feminine hygiene product.

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